Prior to finalizing your adoption, your attorney should consult with you about federal and state adoption tax credits, if applicable.  If you are adopting through DFCS, you should also seek your attorney’s guidance and advice concerning stipends and subsidies and other tax considerations.
After your adoption is final, you will be guided by your attorney through the process of obtaining a new birth certificate and social security changes.  Some international adoptions require additional steps in order to obtain citizenship for your child.
The State of Georgia operates a support system for adoptive parents, complete with a lending library to assist you in assimilating your new family member, being sensitive to birth family issues, attachment disorders, and other problems your family may face.
Your success as an adoptive parent is important to this law firm, and also to the citizens of Georgia. The resource advisors at the Georgia Center for Resources and Support can connect adoptive parents with helpful services that meet specific needs of an adopted child. Other resources include a parenting library, support groups, activities and online tools for parenting. 
Any time after an adoptive placement, the adopted child, adoptive parent or both may have issues, questions or concerns about the adoption. The Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) has established several programs to assist adopted children and adoptive families in meeting these needs, as well as to provide support services that can help further the child’s development.