Private, Independent Adoptions:

Many hopeful adoptive parents seek to find a placement of a baby, either prior to birth or shortly thereafter, by networking with friends, coworkers and relatives.  Our society is more mobile than ever before, and one might have contacts scattered all over the United States.  If you are successful in obtaining a “match” through an independent source, it is imperative that you have already completed the ICPC (Interstate Compact for Placement of Children) home study process and have been approved to adopt.  Otherwise, an out of state placement can be slowed or even halted without prior home study approval.  An approved home study must be completed by a licensed clinical social worker or a licensed child placing agency in Georgia.

I always recommend working with an adoption professional in the State where the Child was born to make sure the paperwork is properly completed and ICPC approval is obtained, and upon the adoptive parents’ return to Georgia, my office can proceed with finalization of the adoption in Georgia.

Georgia law is changing this September (2018) to permit private adoptive parents to pay certain valid living expenses of a birthmother.  You will need to be cautious as to the laws and regulations and rely on your adoption attorney to guide you through the new laws and restrictions on advertising for an adoption as well as providing funds to a birthparent or birthparents.