Presently, there are approximately 13,000 children available for adoption through the foster care system in Georgia.  Most of these are older children, sibling groups, special needs children, and are of different ethnicities and backgrounds.  For those prospective adoptive parents who wonder why a 16 year old teen wants to be adopted, the answer is simple.  Everyone desires a “home” to go to at Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays, and everyone wants a parent to visit on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or both.  No matter their age, children need permanency and a sense of belonging.

Children who age out of the foster care system in Georgia are more likely to become homeless, addicted to drugs, fail to complete high school, become criminal offenders, and bear children who end up in the foster care system themselves.  The involvement and encouragement of a parent or parents to complete high school, work hard in academics and extra-curricular activities, who urge their child to enroll and complete higher education or technical education can transform the lives of foster children who are adopted, no matter their age.

As with any adoption, careful review of all of the documents are necessary to insure that the necessary laws were followed in termination of parental rights, notice to the necessary parties and the drafting of the Petition for Adoption and the Decree of Adoption. With the overload in the foster care system and our Juvenile Courts, it is more important than ever before for the adoption attorney to carefully examine each and every document in the chain of events to make sure that all legal requirements have been met.