Even if no father is listed on the birth certificate, at some point a male inseminated the mother of the Child, resulting in a pregnancy and the creation of a biological father-relationship with a Child.  Even if the identity of the biological father is truly unknown, certain requirements must be met in order to insure the proper language is utilized in both the Petition for Adoption and the subsequent Decree of Adoption.

The law is clear as to the minimum requirements which must be met in order for a parent’s rights to be terminated.  An experienced adoption attorney will be able to properly prepare both the Petition for Adoption and the Motion for Termination of Parental Rights in such a manner which will provide proper notice to the parent whose rights are sought to be terminated.  Each parent, unless they surrender their rights, has the right to be heard in Court as to whether or not they have met the statutory requirements to maintain and retain their parental rights.

Children aged 14 or older must consent in writing and in Court to the adoption and any subsequent name change, if requested.


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