The numbers of grandparents, aunts & uncles and even siblings raising a new generation of children in Georgia is staggering.  Although these relative caregivers may have the protection of a guardianship through the Probate Court, or custody via the Juvenile Court or Superior Court, that protection ends at the death of the caregiver.  When that situation arises, the Child can actually be returned to the parent who was unable to raise the Child in the first place.  There are no safeguards in place that would allow a Child to receive Social Security death benefits if their grandparent-guardian passes away.  The only way to achieve permanent safety and security is through adoption.  The new adoption laws have lowered the age wherein a sibling can legally adopt their younger sibling or siblings.  The adoption by a relative requires either the termination of parental rights of the parents or the surrender of rights by the parents.

The documents, legal requirements for surrender or termination of parental rights, notice requirements for parties are all required to conform specifically to this kind of adoption and there can be no deviation in the paperwork.