Reference From Adoption Agency


Anne Zutaut Petitt reviewed North Georgia Adoption Law — 5 star

July 24, 2017 ·

We are very grateful for Ms Judy for helping us to re-adopt thru the American court system our little guy from Russia. She made things very very easy. She was very reasonable in her fees. We trusted she had our best interest at heart. We definitely have a heart for adoption and love adding to our family. In every sense of the word. Our home is always open and welcoming of another precious one. Our motto is there is One Race and that is the Human Race. Red, black, white, green, purple is of no weighing factor in those children whom the Lord sends to our home. We love them all. Our home is always open and we see Value in every child and little baby and we love them dearly. We are very thankful for like mindedness working with Ms Judy in her practice. She not only practices what she preaches and lives it but she also has a passion for Adoption as well. We pray that one day the Lord will open our home up to more babies in the future. Using her would be a pleasure to go through that process again. Thank you Ms Judy Sartain. The Petitts.