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For all my clients who were in the middle of an adoption last year and need a tax ID number to file their 2017 taxes (because their birth certificate isn’t in yet & you’ve got to have that to get a new SS number), here’s the link to find out how to get a temporary number so you can file 2017 taxes:
How my home state of Kentucky is responding to the rising number of relative caregivers as the numbers of children in foster care continue to rise due to neglect, abuse and particularly, the opiod epidemic:
How does this pertain to Georgia Adoption in the news? This article is from England, but could have very well been written about the kinship care crisis in the U.S. The opiod epidemic has resulted in a steep rise in grandparents and other relative caregivers, and there is a loud debate as to whether or not the kinship caregivers here in Georgia and around the United States should be fairly compensated for their caregiving.