Budgeting For Your Adopted Child

Budgeting for Your Adopted Child: Money Saving Tips for a Growing Family

Raising a family is expensive. One thing that many people must consider when trying to start or add to their family is how they will afford the additional expense of a child. Fortunately, there are many easy money-saving tips that can help you to in budgeting for your adopted child and save on every day expenses.
There are many ways to make feeding a growing family affordable!Budgeting for your adopted child
Loyalty Cards
Get a loyalty card for any grocery store where you regularly shop. Loyalty cards often give good discounts and coupons for food you buy every day. Some loyalty cards also grant points towards gas and other expenses.
Buy in Bulk
There are several membership-based stores that sell items in bulk. Often, the per-item cost of these bulk purchases is considerably less than you would pay elsewhere. If you have a small family or limited storage, share your membership and purchases with another family. For example, if you purchase a pack of twelve cans of beans and divide it up among two or three families, you can get the advantage of the low per-item cost without overfilling your pantry.
Shop in Season
Fresh fruits and vegetables can be more expensive when purchased out of season. You can save a lot on your grocery budget by planning your meals around what will be in season and therefore cheaper at a given time of year. If you want to plan ahead, you can even purchase fresh fruits and vegetables in season and then freeze or can them to use at other times of year.
Start a small vegetable garden, or (if you live in a small space) grow some vegetables in planters. Growing vegetables is a great family activity, and gardening can ensure that your family is eating fresh, healthy food for a low price.
Children grow quickly. Luckily, there are many ways when budgeting for your adopted child to keep your clothing budget to a minimum and still have well-dressed children.
Traditional thrift stores and second-hand children’s boutiques are an excellent source for gently used clothing in excellent condition. These clothing items can be purchased for a small fraction of the retail price.
Many communities have regular consignment sales for child and baby clothing, books, supplies and toys. These sales often have prices at least as cheap as consignment shops and offer an excellent opportunity to stock up on clothing and other kid supplies. These sales typically occur for three to four days at one time and are offered a couple of times a year.
One of the greatest expenses parents of young children face when budgeting for your adopted child is childcare.
Staggered Scheduling
If you need full-time childcare because both adults in your family work, staggering parent schedules can help. If one parent works from very early morning until early afternoon and the other works from early afternoon until evening, your family would need fewer (if any) hours of childcare.
Nanny Share
A nanny share happens when multiple families share the cost of a single nanny. Nanny shares dramatically reduce the cost to each family by providing high-quality, home-based care.
Share Babysitting
If you only need occasional babysitting or childcare for one or two days each week, find another family with which to share childcare responsibilities. For example, if you need childcare on Mondays and Thursdays and find another family who needs childcare on Fridays and Tuesdays, you can set up an arrangement where you each watch each other’s children two days each week.
Toys and Gifts
Toys and gifts for your child can cost hundreds per year. Luckily, there are lots of ways to reduce what you spend on these areas.
Plan Ahead
January and July are great times to buy toys on sale at most big box stores, when they clearance out their old stock to make room for new items. Plan ahead and shop for gifts when these deals are available. By doing this, you can save a lot and be ready to go with gifts when birthdays and holidays arrive.
Watch for Sales
Shopping sales is one of the best ways to save money on toys, if you know which toys to buy. Shopping around and checking the ads for different stores can help ensure that you’re getting the best price. Online price trackers alert smart shoppers when prices drop in online marketplaces. Sign up for a price tracker service to stay ahead of online sales.
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